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Today’s plan was to attend church with the community at the Lutheran Church and run a half day clinic. The church service was a traditional LCMS communion service. Before service ended, the children came in and shared what they learned with the congregation, including their verse of the day. Then we celebrated all the birthdays for the week and counted  from the youngest to the oldest age!
We quickly got into position for clinic and the team acted as if we have done this many times before and everyone was well trained. 

By lunchtime, we had 99 people come through! We took a short break at the hotel we visited last night for a relaxing lunch before heading beach to the clinic.
The team was extremely thankful to see so many people come into clinic unable to see and leaving with literally a new outlook on life. Having the correct prescription can impact a community by allowing for easier learning and taking care of families.
We saw 158 people com through during five hours, with almost 250 pairs of glasses and even more non prescription sunglasses. 

We were blessed with two translators today and hope to have more tomorrow as we serve the children of the school with an eyeglass clinic and VBS. Please pray for continued protection and patience as we follow the Lord’s guidance on helping the people of Puerto Barrios.