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God is so so good!

Today we held clinic from 8am – 3pm, with a short lunch break. A group of today’s patients walked since 4am to meet us in clinic. They only had enough money for one bus ride, so they saved the ride for when they traveled home. We were blessed to be able to give them all the gift of sight and more importantly let them know they are loved and important to Christ.

There were a handful of people coming through the clinic who needed high prescriptions that we didn’t have, but when they tried on what we did have, they worked perfectly. We didn’t have one person come through who we couldn’t make work with the inventory we brought with us, despite our small fears that we may run out of what was needed. God came before us and provided, as always!

Our clinic was able to see 1,312 people and give them 1,692 prescription glasses and over 1,000 pairs of sunglasses, all while sharing the joy of God’s love. Grateful to Him who provided this opportunity and showed me so much love throughout this trip and always.

After breaking down the clinic at 3pm, we loaded the bus and traveled into the evening for Zacapa for the evening. Tomorrow we will leave at 5am for a tourist day to Antigua, the Old Guatemala.