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Today we left our hotel in Zacapa for the town of Antigua for a well-deserved break day. Our day started at 5am. We stopped for breakfast around 8am at a lovely local restaurant…

The roads are slow-going and we arrived in Antigua around noon where we had to switch from our large charter bus to a small bus that could drive through the city. The roads are much more narrow and large busses aren’t able to travel through the city.

We visited a jade museum where we learned about the different types of jade and that Guatemala has one of the most rare types of jade in the world. They make and sell reproductions of Mayan jewelry.

After the Jade tour, we ate lunch at an Italian restaurant, then walked a ways to an indoor market where locals sold some handmade items along with imported gifts.

Next up was the Cross on the Hill, which offered a great view of the entire city and the volcano, “Aqua.”
Our day then took us to a coffee plantation where we, as a team, purchased over 60 pounds of coffee! It’s the little things in life…

We took a small trip around the square of Antigua, and then to our hotel where we met the ladies from Santiago Zamora who brought their handmade goods so we could look through and purchase what we liked. Tomorrow we head back home!