Just as Moses taught Joshua how to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land, the Joshua Project will endeavor to train interested Christians in sound doctrine coupled with valid science for the purpose of defending and teaching others in the faith about the truths contained in Genesis 1-11.


  • Participants will learn to correctly interpret Genesis chapters 1-11 (a young earth, a real Adam & Eve, the Fall, a global Flood, a real Tower, etc.)
  • Participants will develop an understanding of the physics and biological sciences as they relate to chapters 1-11 of Genesis.
  • Participants will be better prepared to win people to Christ.


March 19 Introduction
March 26 The Creation
April 2 The Fall (Judgment of the Universe)
April 16 Scientific Implications
April 30 The Flood (Judgment of the Earth)
May 7 The Tower of Babel (Judgment of the People)


Hope Lutheran Church & School
6308 Quivira Rd.
Shawnee, KS 66216
Mondays @ 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Dates: March 19-May 7

I’ve been getting so much propaganda about evolution at school just this past week. So I thank God for being able to participate in the Joshua Project, Genesis 1-11 course. I’m thankful because it is helping me get through all of this evolution propaganda.


High School Student

Perhaps no other question is more crucial than, “Can I trust the Bible and what it says about the origin of life, man, and sin?” The Genesis Academy does a masterful job of preparing the disciple of Christ to be able to answer the attacks of skeptics. Through the course students will not only see that there is no contradiction between science and the Scriptures, but rather that science properly understood stands side-by- side with Holy Scripture and reinforces what the Church has taught for millennia about the origins of life. Any Christ follower interested in seriously engaging the culture around him, should consider taking a Genesis Academy course. I can think of no
better investment to help strengthen one’s faith!


Software Engineer

Course Details:

Session 1, INTRODUCTION, Monday, March 19, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Steve McIlvain requests questions from the class members . Dave Penny gives 10 minute overview on his Introduction video. Ward Brown and Dave Penny respond to
comments and questions about Introduction videos. Special presentation the last hour of the class: The Dinosaur Guy, Kevan Myers.

Session 2, THE CREATION, Monday, March 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Michael Windheuser gives 30 minute presentation: Statistical Study of Historical Narrative/Poetry by Dr. Steven W. Boyd. Ward Brown, Stuart and Michael Windheuser respond to the group’s comments/questions.

Session 3, THE FALL, Monday, April 2, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Ward Brown will take 10 minutes to give an overview of key Fall issues. Ward Brown and Dave Penny respond to the group’s comments & questions. Dave presents on his trips to China/Ukraine and how Creation Evangelism works with atheists.

Session 4, SCIENTIFIC IMPLICATIONS, Monday, April 9, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Dave and Ward teach. Rotate the two groups between Dave and Ward after 40 minutes. All participants reconvene to end the class.

Session 5, GENEALOGIES & COVENANTS, Monday, April 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Dave presents 10-15 minutes on topic. Ward and Dave answer questions about the topic from the class. Ward gives a 15-20 minute preview of The

Session 6, THE FLOOD, Monday, April 30, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Ken Carlson, The Flood Guy, makes a 1.5 hour presentation on The Flood. Ward, Dave and Ken respond to the group’s comments and questions about The Flood.

Session 7, THE TOWER OF BABEL, Monday, May 7, 6:30-8:30 p.m. JD Schroeder, The Tower Guy, will take 45 minutes to give a review of the course and basics of The Tower of Babel. Ward, Dave and JD will respond to the group’s comments and questions. Concluding evaluation and comments.

Teaching Methods:

For this course a “Flipping the Classroom” strategy will be used. Students will be assigned homework to complete prior to any instruction by the teachers. The majority of each class period will allow for a brief overview of the homework followed by a significant period of time for questions and answers.

Course Materials (Free):

Primary Sources:

Strengthening Your Faith: Genesis Chapters 1-11 Theology and
Science, Videos available on Genesisacademy.net

Secondary Sources:

The New Answers Book 1, Ken Ham
The Genesis Flood, John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris
The Global Flood: Unlocking Earth’s Geologic History, John D Morris
Are We Alone? DVD, David Penny and Michael Windheuser


There will be two hours of homework for each class period.


Attendance is critical. If you must miss more than two class periods, plan to enroll in a future Joshua Project course.

Instructors / Facilitators:

David Penny, Engineering MIT, MDiv, Dallas Theological Seminary
Ward Brown, DVM, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, K-State
Stuart Warkentin, BS, Computer Software Engineering, K-State
Michael Windheuser, PhD, Microbiology, KU
David Hoover, MEd, Education, Wayne State
Steve McIlvain, EdD, Educational Administration, KU