Hope Lutheran School’s Forward Motion

Last November in a special meeting of the Voters’ Assembly the congregation approved a financing plan. Hope’s finances were stabilized, but the task of moving toward a balanced budget continues. The school board is answering the call with aggressive plans for school promotion, preschool full-day expansion, and creative personnel strategies.

First, how good is our education?

Take a look at the chart for yourself. Hope is offering a quality education that exceeds the area public schools in standardized testing.

Mathematics Median Scores
Reading, Writing, and Listening Median Scores

Advanced Accreditation

Hope, pending approval, will be the only school in the area with this specific accreditation, something that is resulting in attracting foreign exchange students. Hope already has two foreign exchange students coming next year.  The accreditation panel will be visiting in October.

Preschool Full-Day Expansion

Pre-Kindergarten children age 4 and 5 by August 31
Half-day Pre-Kindergarten – 9-11:30am

  • 3 days per week M/W/TH
  • 4 days per week M/T/W/TH
  • 5 days per week M/T/W/TH/F

Full-day Pre-Kindergarten

  • 8:30am – 3:35pm

Junior Kindergarten  children age 5 by August 31
Half-day: M-F, 8:30am – 12pm
Full-day: M-F, 8:30am – 3:35pm

Adjusting to the routines of a kindergarten school day is an essential skill for children entering elementary school. In this program the children have a kindergarten-level learning experience in learning skills, writing, and math with a nationally recognized curriculum. Children learn to:

  • Follow multi-step instructions
  • Find multiple ways to solve problems
  • Organize work
  • Control impulses and sustain attention

Getting the Word Out

Take a look at all the new ways the school board is getting the word out about our excellence:

  • Radio ads on 88.5 for 3 months have already generated tour inquiries
  • Kansas City Star: an impressive full-page ad in the Sunday education booklet is making people take notice
  • Posters are being displayed in area businesses
  • Preschool pamphlets are being distributed to preschools within 20 minutes of Hope for Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten
  • Apartments: school promotional material is now prominently displayed at several area apartment complexes
  • Yard signs are being displayed by parents and congregation members. Would you like one?
  • Nancy Jankowski is visiting with parents of home-schooled children to expand upon Hope’s success in the pilot year this year.
  • Shawnee Days: plans are being considered for a booth during the festival

Bringing in Extra Money: Grant Writing

Jasmine Maranday, a school parent and professional grant writer with a 50% success rate, is now energetically pursuing grants to bolster income for specific school needs. She is focusing on the playground, scholarships for minorities, before- and after-school care, technology, Title 1, teacher development, Math and Science Club, summer programs, and the library.


The school call committee has been working through the call process and is presenting candidates to the congregation to fill open positions.


Looping will be integrated into the elementary grades. Looping is when the teacher moves up with the students that they currently have. Looping allows teachers to have better relationships with their students; in addition, it also allows them to have good relationships with parents and families. The teacher better understands the students’ needs. Looping also promotes teacher innovation – “you can’t teach the same every year!” Lastly, it has the benefits of classroom management; students know the expectations.

More Equipment

Jerry Williams and Nancy Jankowski will be working to obtain used equipment for classrooms from the Shawnee Mission School District.

Can more of Hope Church’s children attend the school?

This question was asked as calls were made to the congregation families regarding child participation in Hope Lutheran School. Results are being published in the March Beacon.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there is significant forward motion and planning for the school’s success. If you have any great ideas and would like to help, let us know! Contact Principal Nancy Jankowski, nancy@hopelutheran.org.