Dear Brothers and Sisters, at Hope,

Thank you so much for your recent donations of 28 bags and boxes of food to the pantry of Jesus El Buen Pastor Lutheran Church delivered today by Barb and Fred Vaughn on Thursday February 23rd, 2017.  Your donation enables us to share Christ’s love in Word and action in this area of Kansas City.

Thank you so much for letting the Lord use the gifts He has given you, the material and the spiritual.  Your generosity and love give us encouragement to continue the ministry of our Lord in this section of the vineyard.  He strengthens us through you.

According to the report sent to all agencies by Harvesters, the agency at Jesus El Buen Pastor Food Pantry served, 3,195 families, 15,125 people (7,754 adults, 7,139 children, 232 seniors) and served 4,823 hot meals.  This updates the report we sent last month to all our supporters.

We also intentionally shared the Word of God and the love of Jesus Christ each week through our devotions and prayers at the weekly outreach meal and through individual consultations and prayers afterwords.

Thank you for making it possible.

We could not do it without you and certainly we could not do it without the Holy Spirit who works through you.

Together we share the saving love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you,

Pastor F E Eberhart

Thank You from Jesus El Pastor Lutheran Church