Merry “Christ” mas!

 November 17, 2017

This will mark our 25th year of offering the love of Christ through the outpouring of food and clothing to those less fortunate during the Christmas season.   With your generosity, we have successfully given for many years to those in need.   We are asking for you to consider joining us in making it another successful season for four families that we at Hope Lutheran School have adopted during this season of giving.    

Listed below and on the back is a schedule. This is what the children are asked to bring to school for these families.  An additional note will be sent home the day before to remind everyone.

May the love which God sent down to earth shine through us, so that others may see His love and know of His hope.

Glory to the newborn King!

The Faculty of Hope-grades K-6

Tuesday-November 21

Canned vegetable day

Please send in one can of green beans/corn      

Tuesday,  November 28

Cereal Day grades K-3

Please send in one box of cereal.

Pancake mix, syrup,  or jam grades 4-6

Thursday, November 30

Soup Day –  Please send in one family size or 1-2 small cans

Tuesday, December 5

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Day

Grades K-2  Please send in paper towel rolls.

Grades 3-6 Please send in a pkg. of toilet paper.

 Thursday, December

Boxed Item Day

Please send in rice, mac & cheese, crackers, pasta noodles, hamburger helper

Tuesday, December 12.

Laundry Detergent/Soap Day

Grades K-2  Please send in soap bars/hand soap, dish soap

Grades 3-6  Please bring in laundry detergent.

Thursday, December 14

Canned & Fresh Fruit Day

Fresh fruit- apples and oranges are best.

Canned fruit-peaches, apple sauce, & pear