Internet Permission

Dear Parent / Guardian

The Internet is an exciting and powerful tool for students to research information for both academic assignments and well as their own personal interests.  As part of our curriculum, pupils have controlled access to the Internet and learn to use libraries, databases, and information sources on a wide variety of topics.  We recognize that some inappropriate material on the Internet may be accessed either intentionally or by accident.  To guard against this we use a filtered service provided by Sonic Wall, which regularly monitors websites and automatically blocks student access to inappropriate materials.  Our goal is to teach students the importance of responsible use of the web as well as to provide basic rules to maintain the privacy of the students.  As all times, pupils must agree to follow the Student Code of Internet Conduct.

To ensure the privacy of your child, Hope Lutheran School will make sure:

  • A student’s last name is never published.
  • Permission to publish work will always be gained from the student
  • If a contact person is needed for a project, this will be the teacher, not the student.
  • No identifying material will be posted on the Internet (such as personal phone numbers, home address, and individual pictures with the student’s first and last names).
  • If a class picture is posted, it may mention names but not where individuals are standing in the picture.
  • Class pictures generally included at least three students.
  • If individual student pictures are posted, they will not include names.
  • Personal web pages will not be published from school.  When web pages are published, they will be based on the classroom curriculum.

To grant your son/daughter permission to use and to contribute to the Internet please read and discuss the Student Code of Internet Conduct and submit the form below.  The Internet will be available to all Hope Lutheran School students during scheduled teaching activities and during and before after school care.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Internet Permission Form - 2016-2017

Internet use to be completed by the pupil:

My parents and I have read the Code of Conduct for Internet Use and I agree to follow it. YesNo

Internet use to be completed by the Parent/Guardian:

As a parent or guardian, I have read, discussed, and explained the Code of Conduct to my son/daughter. I grant permission for the pupil named above to access the Internet. I understand that if he/she fails to follow the Code of Conduct for Internet Use access will be withdrawn and I shall be informed of any further appropriate action which may be taken.

I consent for Hope Lutheran School to publish articles (including photographs) produced by my child on the school website. I understand that no child's work will ever be used without his/her permission. I am aware that no personal information will be made public and that the school will maintain strict confidentiality of personal information.

Parent/Guardian Signature

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