Internet Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for use of Hope Lutheran School’s Internet Facilities

This code of conduct applies at all times, both in and out of school hours, while using school equipment.

If your parent/guardian has signed and returned the permission form, Internet access will be provided for you to conduct research and communicate with others, but only with the understanding that you follow this code.

The Code

You must:

  • Only access sites that are appropriate for use in school.
  • Be aware that others can see your actions on the Internet.
  • Log off and clean up your area before leaving the computer lab room.
  • Be careful of what you say to others and how you say it.
  • Treat others, as they would expect to be treated.
  • Respect copyright and trademarks.  You may not use the words or pictures that you see on an Internet site without giving credit to the person who owns the site.  You must not copy text or pictures from the Internet and hand it in to your teacher as your own work.

You must not:

  • Send, access, or display offensive messages, languages, or pictures.
  • Download files without the prior permission of your teacher.  Files could have viruses that damage the computer equipment as well as cause delays for other users of the Internet.
  • Complete pop-up questionnaires or subscription forms for yourself or others.  These may ask for personal information that will affect your privacy.
  • Instant message.
  • Bring food or drink into the computer classroom.
  • Intentionally waste resources such as excessive printing.
  • Share your login or password with others.  Both your login and your password are information that should be protected and kept private.

Please note:

User areas on the school network will be closely monitored and staff may review your files and communications to maintain system integrity.

Failure to follow the code will result in loss of access.  Students need to be aware that some material on the Internet is protected by copyright laws and where this has been infringed, external agencies may become involved.