Hope Lutheran Church & School Scrip Program

What Is Scrip?

A fundraising program that turns everyday shopping into cash for Hope Lutheran Church and School when members/families use purchased retail gift cards and/or e-gift cards instead of usual credit/debit cards or cash.

It’s fundraising with nothing to sell…

How does it work?

Members/families purchase scrip (gift cards or e-gift cards) valid at over 300 storefront and online retailers through a Hope account with Great Lakes Scrip.  Great Lakes Scrip sells the scrip at a discount of 1-14% (retailer dependent) to Hope.  The average rebate is 5%.  The difference is the revenue generated for Hope Lutheran Church and School.

Example:  Land’s End 16%; Home Depot 4%; Target 2.5%; Walmart 2.5%; Starbucks 7%; Walgreen’s 6%; CVS 6%; Cabela’s 14%; iTunes 5%; Nike 12%; Under Armour 11%; Chipotle 10%; Dick’s Sporting Goods 8%; Subway 6%;  View Complete List of Retailers

Members/Families go to shopwithscrip.com and set up an account registered with the Hope Lutheran Church and School account.  From the website they can order and pay online for hard merchandise cards (real plastic cards, delivered to school weekly) or e-gift cards delivered to their email.

How will the money be used?

Members/Families will have the opportunity to designate how they would like to have their discounts/revenue applied.

Options Include:

  1. Tuition Account at Hope Lutheran School for <specific child>
  2. Applied to the Tuition Assistance Fund at Hope Lutheran School
  3. Applied to the Hope Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
  4. Applied to the Hope Lutheran General Fund

Note:  15% of the rebate will be retained by Hope for maintenance/growth of the Scrip program (shipping costs, printing costs, growth of inventory for future on-site sales).

How real are the potential earnings?

Family A – 6-month example:

Walmart 2.5% $300/month = $45.00
Nike/Under Armour/Adidas
(back to school/sports gear)
10% $200 = $20.00
Starbuckts 7% $20/month = $8.40
(family dinner out)
11% $50 = $5.50
(after school event dinner x 2)
10% $20 @ two times = $4.00
Total $82.90

With a little pre-planning and knowledge of how to capitalize on Scrip usage members/families can generate hundreds of dollars annually to reduce tuition costs or support other Hope Lutheran Church and School ministries.

How do I sign up?

  1. Send an email to scrip@hopelutheran.org to request the Hope Lutheran Code for registration.
  2. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com
  3. Click Register (top right hand corner)
    1. Input Hope Lutheran Code (see Step #1 to obtain)
    2. Finish Registration
  4. Sign up for Presto-Pay (optional)
  5. Submit the Scrip Program Agreement


shopwithscrip.com has some great tutorial videos about the program and the terminology (ScripNow, Reload, PrestoPay, etc...) Please see the following link to help learn more about. https://www.shopwithscrip.com/Support/videos/scrip-explained

Currently all payments will be handled through the PrestoPay ACH program with GLSC - This will allow for secure, immediate payments from your home computer or any other mobile device with internet access.

Initially our program here at Hope will be managed on-line only (ordering and payments). All orders for physical gift cards placed before noon on Monday should be available for pick up at the school office by Friday.

Group Leader:
Jay Schroeder