look what we found!

These are newly laid butterfly eggs, too be specific these are variegated fritillary butterfly eggs. They can lay their eggs on violets, passion vines, and pansies. They are a statewide butterfly that fly multiple flights through April - November. (Ps, its the little...

New plants!

We have ordered new plants and wood chips for our garden. We are very excited with all of this and think it is a very good achievement for this year. Looking forward to it. Thank you to Mr. Wendorff and Ms. McMullen for the donation to our project.

We’re almost there!

We have almost raised enough money to buy our rain barrel. This was one of our goals for this year and we are on our way to achieve it. We could not have done this without our parents and teachers helping us this year.

What Are We Saving For?

We have made $167 with the snack cart. It has got us $429.75 in total. We are saving for $650, plus the plants we have to replace this year. We will use the money for a rain barrel. It will help the garden by collecting rain. We will earn the money we need by doing...


"What are we doing with our funds" you might ask? We are getting a rain barrel to collect rain to water our garden. We need about $650 and the city of Shawnee doesn't want sediment, contaminants, litter, nutrients, and other pollutants going into the water system....

About Stem

Stem is a activity for us, the students, to help our environment and the area around us, in the best possible way. In stem the habitat group improves the environment. The website group edits the website. The education group educates the school about the butterflies....

Snack Cart Time!

We went around with the snack cart today, we worked really hard to make the cart. We will see what happens with it. We will be doing it again on these days: 2/2 and 2/8 I hope everyone enjoyed the cart for the first day. Today is the 2nd day we will come around with...

Another presentation!

Our Education group did a presentation for preschool today. It went well and they did a great job. Everyone enjoyed it and we hope to do another one. One of the members was out today but, they still did a good job. They have a new member, Ashlyn. She has helped them a...

Advertising for our project!

Our publicity group, is advertising for our project to help raise awareness for butterflies. Please help us collect for it, it will help the environment. We will be selling things to show what we are doing at our school.

Sharing facts!

The Education group which is part of the publicity team has made a presentation on Monarch Butterflies. They are presenting it to the preschoolers, kindergartners, and maybe the 1st graders. They are not nervous, they feel very confident in themselves. They will be...

fun puns

First joke

What happens when you throw butter?



Another Joke

I love raising caterpillars as pets.

They give me butterflies.


3rd Joke

What did the butterfly say when it got attacked.

I Butterfly away.

A Joke

A son asked his father “When I talk to girls I get butterflies in my stomach? What should I do?”


His father replied “Son stop eating caterpillars.”