Welcome to the Hope Lutheran School Butterfly Garden

Run by 6th grade

Our Butterflies

This is a picture of a Black Swallowtail. Their lifespan is only 10-12 days.

the Publicity group!

 Josh, Dalton, Jace, and Brogan are in the publicity group. We are the ones that advertise the garden. We have made posters, gone around the classrooms to tell the students about fundraisers, made flyers & signs for the garden, and worked with the fundraising...

Welcome back, Monarch butterflies! We’re happy to see your babies!

Mrs. Stava here! While the students are on summer break, I'm going to take over their butterfly garden blog! Yesterday, I met Alison and Ella at the butterfly garden to check things out. While we didn't see any Monarchs butterflies in the garden, we DID see that they...

Meet the fundraiser group!

 Channing and Ella are the fundraiser group. We work on fundraising for our butterfly garden. We did the snack cart so we can buy new flowers and get a new fence around the butterfly garden. We work with the publicity group when we need posters for a fundraiser. We...

Bee Hive

Next year the 7th and 8th grade class will be working on a bee hive!