Ready Set Go

Fellow Members in Christ,

We have officially kicked off the calling process.  The congregation self-study is ready and we had a wonderful retirement celebration for Pastor Harries.

The steps for the call process include:

  • Gathering nominations for candidates from the congregation (more about that below).
  • Assembling the search committee – Hope’s by-laws indicate that the Elders exercise the leadership in the call process so they will be responsible for enabling the work described in this section. The search committee will be comprised of membership representing a breadth of experience and perspective.
  • Sending Hope’s candidate list to the Kansas District.
  • Receiving candidate information and self-evaluations – Personal Information Forms (PIFs) and the Self Evaluation Tools (SETs) for all the candidates submitted by members as well as candidates suggested by the Kansas District will be provided for consideration (estimated time approximately six weeks to receive documentation).
  • Selecting candidates for Voters’ consideration – this is where the real work begins and requires hours of dedication. The search committee is tasked with providing suitable candidates for Voter consideration.
  • Voters select a candidate to call.
  • The candidate usually visits and then accepts or returns the call. If the call is returned, the call committee may request additional candidates from both the congregation and the Kansas District; the process starts again.


Candidate Nominations – Timing and Guidelines

The deadline for submitting candidate names is September 17.

Please only submit names of LCMS pastors with whom you have had personal contact.  Receiving names from a friend of a friend of a friend or a relative 10 times removed is not helpful – you get the idea.

Please include the candidate’s current parish/former parish, and address where the candidate currently resides.  There may be more than one John Smith serving in a district, let alone the synod.

To submit a name along with basic contact information, you may do so via:

  • Email (church office)
  • Drop an envelope in the offering plate
  • Mail or drop off an envelope in the church office


Current Ministry Status

In the interim, Pastor Penikis is responsible for daily activity of the pastoral office for our congregation. Please contact Pastor Penikis or the church office for emergencies.

Contact Information:

Pastor Penikis: 913-709-7220 (cell)
Church Office: 913-631-6940

We are also fortunate that God has blessed us with members Rev. Roger Schepmann and Rev. Dr. Ed Kettner who will be assisting Pastor Penikis during this time.  On behalf of the congregation, I thank you both for serving.

One last note, we will have a congregational meeting regarding the outcome of the congregation self-study.  Pastor Lee Hovel, our Kansas District Circuit Visitor, will lead that meeting and that will take place in September, date to be determined.

Calling a pastor is an intentional, significant act for our congregation so it is carried out in reverence, humility, and most importantly, prayerfully.  The calling process does take time so please be patient as God’s will unfolds.  We will do everything to move the process forward but as with all things, God’s time is the best time.  From this perspective, regard the interim period like Advent when there is excitement with the anticipation of the joyous season to come.

See you in Church!

In His Service,

Bob Hollman

Bob Hollman