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The Results Are In

We had a great meeting on Monday to share the results of the congregational self-study. Thank you to the 69 people who came! Pastor Lee Hovel, our circuit visitor, presented the overall strengths of the congregation. The consensus of the group was that the survey was complete, accurate, and representative of the congregation. The results of the survey show that as a congregation, we are very unified in our thinking as far as what strengths we are looking for in a new senior pastor and the goals we would like to work toward.

View the complete results.

What is the next step?

As outlined by Pastor Hovel, the survey results along with a congregational profile will be sent to the Kansas District. There are around 12-14 nominations for senior pastor that were submitted to the board of elders that will also be sent to the district. The District President will review that list, add to it, research the candidates to determine eligibility and return the completed slate back to us in roughly 6 weeks.

What do we do now?

Pray. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides our congregation through the process. Pray that God’s will is done. Pray for our new pastor. We may not yet know who it is, but we still can pray for his strength, health, wisdom, and family.

In the meantime, the board of elders will be assembling a call committee under the advisement of Pastor Hovel. The call committee will be a diverse cross section of active and regularly attending members of our congregation to gain the broadest perspectives that we can.

Hope is now at the “GO!” phase of our process. We are off and running! I hope you are excited!

See you in church,

Bob Hollman