Calling all parents of 5-6th graders!!! Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a program that will not only help your child dig into Gods word deeper but also have your child be surrounded by adults that have a desire to help your child accomplish that same goal? Do you ever think “Am I doing this whole parenting thing right? Is this the way God wants me to raise this child?” Dig Deeper is a new program that allows your child to dig deeper into Gods word with not only their small group of peers but also with an adult who has a heart for your child and genuinely wants to help your child grow spiritually. The goal of the program is to help your child be confident in their faith as well as articulate it to their friends without fear/concern of rejection. While your child is digging deeper there is also and adult connection time. It’s a chance for parents to get together and chat about anything. From topics about how to talk to your kids about current events to tips on how to talk to your child about the birds and the bees. It’s a program to support both parents and their child.  If you would like more info please contact LeAnn Miller.