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Day 5 in Belize, 3rd Day of Clinic held at Rhema church which means “The Word.” Clinic had a slower pace today as we saw 125 people, but there were many notable moments. Click the photos link to see so many more photos from today’s adventure. 

Adam worked with Pastor Eliu on telling people the good news of why we were here, not only to give them better sight, but a gift from God who sent us.

This is Albert, our bus driver. He’s with us all day and has taken over the sunglasses station. He makes sure everyone goes home with the perfect pair of sunglasses, a hot commodity in this sun-rich locale. Many of the glasses come from attractions like Disney World and many of the pars are very nice. 

A smaller group was blessed to go visit the Octavia retirement home to fit glasses for many people who couldn’t come to clinic. We met some very cool octogenarians! Many had good stories of thier life, like Lewis (91) who lived is Belize his whole life and has traveled seemingly everywhere, including Europe and New Orleans. He’s very well educated and has an awesome French accent. 

We also met a notable Prime Minister’s wife from the 80’s, whose husband’s name is on the International Airport in Belize City! The home had three resident dogs and some cats used as therapy pets. Ed enjoyed sharing his dog Mojo’s adventures in dock diving with one of the residents. They bonded immediately. 

A telephone line crew from BTL Venezuela was working in front of our location all day pulling lines. They would go back and forth in front of the clinic and our host Eliu invited them in to be checked. Most left with glasses and we know God put them there at the right time to get some pretty crucial equipment that enables them to do their jobs better. One gentleman could see much at all and walked away a new man, forever grateful. 

We also made a couple home visits today for some shut-ins. 

The trip is made up of lots of cool little moments. On the way home, we learned how to hand-make corn tortillas. These ladies were gracious to let us try our hand at it. 

Then we made a quick stop to see the highest point in San Ignacio. We could see the whole city from up here. 

Wednesday we’ll be serving at Light House Church.