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Today we visited what we thought was a small space for an eyeglass clinic but quickly became a well-oiled machine. The Lighthouse Church brought a steady flow of people all day, 135 people total. 

We met Melvin, a member of the Belizian army who was in a bike wreck two weeks again. He broke many of his front teeth and, while visiting his dentist, was told to come visit us. He was very thankful to go home with some new eyes. 

Some of the local law enforcement dropped by and seemed grateful for the opportunity to get new glasses. They don’t carry firearms until they have been moved up in the ranks. We jokingly asked them not to ticket our bus driver if they see him around town. šŸ™‚

Our clinic waiting area inside the church:

After clinic we visited a suspension bridge into the jungles of Belize that took us over the main river in the country. In Mayan times it was the main highway of transportation in the country.

Tomorrow, we’ll be in Santa Familia for the last day of clinic.