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Today was our final day in clinic. We traveled 20 minutes to the village of Santa Familia, two miles from the border of Guatemala. Time has flown by here doing this work. Everyday is new and different but with the same routine.

We were able to make a trip down the road from our clinic to the Santa Familia Catholic School to fit the teachers and principal with new glasses. They needed mostly reading. The kids were excited to have us take photos. 

This was the church in Santa Familia. The main structure is underneath the new roof and expansion. We used both the inside and outside areas. 

Clinic was setup mostly in the expansion area. Jody tested reading today. 

Gavin and Ed tested the principal of the school who needed reading glasses. He would have had to take out a loan for over $500US to get glasses. This helped him in many ways and trickles down to help all of the students in his school. 

Jeff setup a small fitting station at the Catholic school. 

Below, Ella is working on a plastic pair of glasses. She’s able to bend the frame over a small flame and get the right fit for each particular patient. 

Laura has been working in the dispensing station all week. She takes the prescription from the testing station, picks the perfect pair of glasses, with different strengths, and tries them on each person. We keep a clean clinic, disinfecting often to stop the spread of germs. 

There have been many creative photo opportunities in Belize to share the beauty of this country with those who haven’t yet been here. Even the view from inside the restroom was breathtaking and inspirational!

Friday, we’ll be visiting the Mayan ruins and other tourist stops to enjoy the country the Lord brought us here to serve. 
We returned to our hotel and visited the AJAW Chocolate store for a lesson in chocolate history where we made chocolate from the bean and used in different drinks.