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This is the last day in Belize for team MOST 1823. It’s been a great adventure and we capped it off with a trip to the Xunatunich (shoo-an-too-nish) Maya ruins, only two miles from the Guatemalan border. 

Xunan Tunich means stone woman in Maya, and this is how the local people refer to the site. It came from an account of a farmer seeing a woman in white standing in a field one evening before the site was dug out. 

We made it to the top of the second tallest ruin in Belize. Jody and son Garrison looked out over the border of the two countries. 

Adam, Beth, and Michael have been good friends on MOST mission trips now and have enjoyed working together in the dispensing station. Together, they have served over 2,800 patients! “Next, please!”

Two years ago, archaeologists discovered a burial chamber inside the Maya ruins. 

The view from the top of the large ceremonial center:

We rode [what should be considered] the world’s shortest ferry ride back from the Ruins and headed to have ice cream at Western Dairies. Ice cream hit the spot after the warm week of work. 

We purchased six new tables as a team for Pastor Eliu’s church from a Mennonite Farmer’s Trading store (think German Walmart). 

We made a pit stop at a French bakery, then headed to an exotic dinner back at the hotel. 

Pastor Eliu and his family joined us for dinner and closing devotions where he presented everyone with a certificate of appreciation for the week’s work. Thank you, Belize for showing us Jesus and allowing us to be his hands and feet this week. 

This concludes this account of our short term trip to Belize (MOST 1823). May God continue to bless this country and keep safe any future teams that will come to serve those who live in these communities.