The Search Committee met Monday the 29th to discuss the path forward.  After serving for a year, three members requested to step off the committee:  Nancy Jankowski, Larry Pendleton and Zach Schelp.  Please join me in thanking them for their service and give thanks for those continuing.  Replacements will be named soon.  Next date we can meet is 11/20.

We have ten or more names still on the call list provided by the District last November.  We are reviewing the Pastor Information Forms (PIFs) and Self Evaluation Tools (SETs) to narrow the list down to those men we want to invite for a visit prior to the next call meeting.

You may have wondered why staff members are serving on the Search Committee.  The reasons are several:  they are members of our congregation, they have been synodically trained, they work closely with the Senior Pastor (as much as seven days a week), and the District recommends it.

Please keep our congregation and the search process in your prayers as we move forward to select the man to call as our next Senior Pastor.

Jeff Pettijohn, Chairman