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Overall Goal $33,775

Our staff equipment is aging.  We are working on replacing all of our staff systems that are older than 7 years.  It’s common for the technology department to have support tickets regarding how slow a computer is.  This can occur due to failing components on docks or devices themselves and demands today’s applications place on resources.

The 7 laptops are for a substitute teacher, 7th grade teacher, facilities manager, preschool office, Pre-K teacher, and the technology department.  The 2 desktop systems are for Hope’s administrative assistants.

$1,500 Microsoft Surface Laptop x 7 = $10,500

$200 Microsoft Surface Dock x 6 = $1,200

$1,000 Administrative Desktop System x 2 = $2,000

Total Staff = $13,700

We have been replacing the SMART Boards in the classrooms with Interactive TVs.  The next classrooms to receive them are Pre-K, 3rd, 5th, and 8th.

In order to continue 1:1 devices for all of our K-8 students we need to add a few more devices to our pool in order to support increased enrollment for next school year.  In the Pre-K classroom we are replacing the Windows 8 tablets with Android Tablets running Chrome OS.

$2,000 Interactive TV x 4 = $8,000

$350 Chromebook x 25 = $8,750

$365 Chrome OS Tablets x 5 = $1,825

Total Classroom = $18,575

FACTS SIS is our Student Information System that is used for attendance, cafeteria, grading, tuition and other fees.

$1,500 FACTS SIS = $1,500

Total Software = $1,500