math-rocks-clipart-4th_Grade_RocksWelcome to Fourth Grade at Hope Lutheran School

where we strive to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

I believe all students can learn when they are accepted for who and where they are in their educational journey.  The fourth grade educational journey at Hope Lutheran School is implemented in a variety of learning opportunities for every student.  I believe embracing diverse ideas and using multiple perspectives in the classroom is an important tool that helps promote and provide positive academic learning as well as gaining personal growth.   With this being said, welcome to fourth grade.

Mrs. Kathy McIntosh

Fun opportunities for academic and personal growth:

Native American Artifact Museum project

Kansas and Missouri habitats

“mini” living history day

“Day at the K” -field trip

Arabian Steamboat Museum- field trip

Kansas capitol building tour- field trip

Inventor’s Day presentations