As we continue to update our Guidelines for a Healthy and Safe School, we have a couple of guidelines that will go into effect on Monday, January 18th.

We will no longer be taking temperatures in the morning BUT all other procedures will continue: 

  • CDC does not currently recommend schools conduct symptom screening for all students in grades K-12 on a routine (e.g., daily) basis.
  • Parents, caregivers, or guardians (“caregivers”) should be strongly encouraged to monitor their children for infectious illness symptoms every day through home-based symptom screening.
  • Students who are sick should not attend school in-person.”

From the Kansas School Nurses Association:

Screening before school entry:

  1. According to CDC guidance, for K-12 schools, schools are not expected to screen children, students, or staff to identify cases of COVID-19. If a community has issues with COVD-19, local health officials will help identify those individuals and follow up on the next steps.
    • CDC does not currently recommend universal symptom screenings (screening all students grades K-12) be conducted by schools. 
    • Parents or caregivers should be strongly encouraged to monitor their children for infectious illness signs every day. 
    • Students who are sick should not attend school in-person.
  2. Temperature screening in young children is not a reliable screen as fever is present in ~50% of infected children.
  3. While the CDC does not recommend routine general screening for all students and staff, it is essential that students and staff who have symptoms of illness at school be recognized, removed from the classroom and sent home as soon as possible.”
    • Staff will be outside the building for drop-off as greeters and to help children out of the car. 
    • Parents must drop off students in the circle drive. Then students will proceed to their assigned entrance.  
    • Before school care services are available in the homeroom classroom from 7:30 am – 8:00 am. Charges will be assessed. 
    • K – 8th-grade students will go to their assigned door starting at 8:00 am. Preschool students will go to the preschool entrance starting at 8:15 am. Our staff at the main entrance will meet homeschool students on Tuesday and Thursday before coming into the building.  If circumstances are such that you cannot, please come to the primary office door, and your child will be let in. 
    • Designated entrance per grade are:
      • Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, 5th – Main School Entrance
      • 6th, 1st, 2nd – FLC Entrance
      • 7th, 8th – FLC Gym Entrance (usually known as the middle school recess exit)
      • Homeschool – Main School Entrance 
    • All students will wash their hands upon entering the building.