Hope Lutheran Church and School

Scrip Program Agreement

Hope Lutheran Church and School (referred to herein as "we", "us", and "our") sponsors a scrip program that allows you, the signer, to purchase scrip. The scrip you purchase through our program generates rebates from the participating retailers. These rebates can be applied towards: a child's tuition, the Hope Lutheran School Tuition Assistance Fund, The Hope Lutheran Endowment Fund, or The Hope Lutheran General Fund. The undersigned parties agrees as follows:

  1. For the administration of said Scrip Program, we will retain 15% of the rebates received from your scrip purchases as an administrative fee.
  2. We agree to apply the balance of your rebates as designated below:
    - Please check a category:
    Tuition account at HLS for
    Applied to Tuition Assistance Fund at HLS
    Applied to the Hope Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
    Applied to the Hope Lutheran General Fund

Funds will be applied to HLS tuition accounts bi-annually (near semester end), and all other accounts annually.

You, the signer, agrees to indemnify (cover) us against any loss incurred in the connection with there being insufficient funds in your account to cover any ACH transfers or checks issued to pay for your scrip. We make no representations or warrenties of any kind with respect to the scrip. This agreement continues unless replaced by another, and can be terminated by either party upon 60 days adavance notice to the other.

Please sign and date below to indicate acknowledgement of this agreement to take effect as soon after the signing date of this agreement as possible. (Usually less than two weeks)

Purchaser's Signature: [signature* signature 600x200 id:signature]


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