Music Program

Our student musicians preform throughout the year at Hope and in our local community:

  • Worship Services
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Christmas Programs
  • Crown Center Celebrations
  • National Lutheran Schools Week
  • Barnes and Noble Night
  • Gathering of the Talents
  • Celebrate the Arts
  • Fine Arts Night


Choir is available for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  We start with simple melodies and progress into two and four part harmonies.  Oftentimes we will utilitize student pianists to accompany the choir.


Our 3rd and 4th grade students learn to play the recorders and challenge themselves with the Recorder Karate method books.  The repertoire builds gradually from songs with with belt songs using G A B through the black belt songs with D E F# G A B C D.  As students progress throughout the year they earn belts to hang from their recorders.


Our 5th and 6th grade students continue their musical education in the hand chime choir.  In the chime choir students learn how to properly play hand chimes, read music, and work as an ensemble to produce beautiful music.

Music Theory

Starting in Kindergarten our students spend 30 minutes each week studying music theory.  They learn about notes, key signatures, time signatures, and rhythmic notation as well as being exposed to different types and periods of music.