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Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to keep bees. They were held in pottery vessels or woven baskets called skeps. When you think of a beehive you think of an egg shape with a flat bottom. This was what the skeps looked like. When North America was found, honey bees followed. They were brought in 1622, but it would take 231 years before they made it to the west coast. They were threatened by disease, hostile competitors, harsh climates, and geographical barriers, this also affected humans. Luckily we helped each other. Bees provided honey, wax, and propolis, a waxy substance created by mixing their saliva with beeswax and plant matter, for us to eat and trade. Bees also changed the environment before the settlers got there making it easier for them. In return, we provided them with shelter, large traces of helpful bee plants, and aided their travel over treeless plains and mountains. 

Written by Claire Adams