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Our Bees Have a Name!

Hello everybody!  The new bee hive is up in the science room, and we have come up with a name for our new beehive! Hope B-n-B. (Beatrice and Bees) This name still has time for change, comment if you have any suggestions!
Bee-Ware of the Bee’s

Bee-Ware of the Bee’s

Excitement is buzzing in the science room! We have finally ordered the new indoor observation bee hive. Watch the bees work and live their lives as they come and go. This can benefit the students of Hope Lutheran because it will give the students a better look on how...

History of bees

Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to keep bees. They were held in pottery vessels or woven baskets called skeps. When you think of a beehive you think of an egg shape with a flat bottom. This was what the skeps looked like. When North America was found, honey bees...