Classroom Goals

Preschool & Pre-K 3 Chromebooks ($1,050)
Kindergarten 5 Chromebooks ($1,750)
1st Grade Interactive TV for 3rd Grade ($2,000)
2nd Grade 3 Chromebooks ($1,050)
3rd Grade Interactive TV for Pre-K ($2,000)
4th Grade Interactive TV for 5th Grade ($2,000)
5th Grade Interactive TV for 8th Grade ($2,000)
6th Grade 7th Grade Teacher Laptop / Dock ($1,700)
7th/8th Grade School Information System – RenWeb ($1,500)

Grand prize

1/2 Day of School

Awarded to the class that met their classroom goal and obtains the highest $/student average.

Classroom Rewards

Result Reward
Met Goal Extra Recess
Double (2x) Goal Pizza Party
Triple (3x) Goal Pizza & Ice Cream Party

Each item purchased from the 2019 Jog-A-Thon fundraiser will have a sticker indicating that it was purchased from funds raised by the Class of 20xx.  For example, if the 5th grade class raised enough money to purchase an Interactive TV for the 8th grade classroom, we will place a sticker on that item that says purchased by the Hope Class of 2022.