1. Students may start collecting pledges as soon as they receive the pledge sheets.  Reminder:  Pledge sheets need to be turned in on Jog-A-Thon day.  (Thursday, April 11th for K-8, Tuesday, April 9th for Preschool).
  2. Pledges may be made by anyone.  However, participants may not ask for pledges from any of the staff members of Hope Lutheran School, unless they are a member of their family.
  3. Sponsors can make pledges online or on the printed pledge form.  If using the printed form, each sponsor should write their own name, pledge per lap, and maximum pledge.  Students are encouraged to collect pledges in advance, and fundraising progress will be tracked for each classroom.
  4. On Jog-A-Thon day, each class will jog on the Gum Springs Park trail (for K-8), or the school parking lot (for Preschool).  Participants will receive a jelly bracelet for each segment they complete, thereby keeping track of the number of laps completed.  Course is as follows:
    1. Preschool: each segment is one lap around the Hope Lutheran parking lot (school entrace lot).
    2. K-8th: each segment is 600 feet.  There are 5 segments in one lap of the Gum Springs Park trail.
  5. Each class will have a “buddy” class who will cheer them on while they are running.  Buddies will also walk to the park and back together (for K-8th).
  6. Upon completion of the Jog-A-Thon, students will count their bracelets for a volunteer who will record each student’s lap total on their pledge sheet and return it.  Students may then collect outstanding pledges.  Final pledge collections should be returned by Tuesday, April 23rd.  All checks should be made payable to Hope Lutheran School, with Jog-A-Thon in the memo line.
  7. Participants are encouarged to wear hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny and drink plenty of water.
  8. The Jog-A-Thon will be held rain or shine.  In the event of rain the event will be held in the Family Life Center.