International Students


International Student Admission Procedures

Hope Lutheran Church & School is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.  We are able to give visas through SEVIS.

We welcome International Students to our campus as an opportunity to mutually learn about our cultures and to witness our Christian faith. It is our intent to limit the number of International Students in any class to facilitate integration with English-speaking students and to enable the teacher to adequately meet the needs of all students in the class.

International Students must enroll for at least one year. We do not accept students visiting for only a short time, such as during the Korean January/February winter break, unless they are part of a recognized organization (Cardinal U.S.A.) or KOAM, which organizes and supervises a specific program. Inclusion of these short-term students is dependent upon available space.

I-20 Student FAQ’s

Visa Information

Hope Lutheran Church & School is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. If a student requires an I-20 from our school, the student must submit ALL necessary documents, complete the admissions process and be granted acceptance prior to receiving the I-20. Adequate processing time must be allowed.

Status Changes

All International students who enroll at Hope Lutheran School and obtain an I-20, will remain as an International Student, even if their F-1 status changes at a later date. Please advise the admissions department if your status changes.

Financial Assistance

Hope Lutheran Church & School does not offer financial assistance to International students on F-1 Visa’s, as per United States Government, Immigration and Naturalization Services mandate.

Health and International Student Insurance

Hope Lutheran requires all International students to obtain International Student Insurance before attending our school. A copy of the student’s card must be received prior to the start of school.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws prior to the beginning of school, all fees will be refunded except the Registration Fee and International Processing Fee. If a student withdraws during the first quarter, a prorated tuition amount equal to one-quarter of tuition will be refunded. If a student withdraws after the first quarter, NO tuition will be refunded.


Hope Lutheran School does not arrange housing for International Students unless they are part of the KOAM organization.


Students in will be given a Chromebook to use during school hours.

Admission Process

You may contact the school office to check if there is space available in the grade that you are interested in. Please provide your name (Parent name), the student’s name and the grade that you are interested in applying for. Parents of International Students will need to complete the Enrollment Student Packet.  Tuition payment MUST be paid in full for an international student.

Tuition Schedule

Tuition $8,250 for 2021-2022 school year.


A non-refundable registration fee of $175 for each student is due with the application.  Other fees include the following:

  • $40 Activity fee, K-8
  • $20 Art Fee, K-8
  • $50 Auction Fee, K-8
  • $20 Kindergarten Graduation Fee
  • $45 8th Grade Graduation Fee
  • $175 Technology Fee, K-8
  • $100 Textbook Fee, K-8

Tuition & Fees

We require international students to pay all tuition and fees online.  By clicking make payment you will be redirected to Vanco Payment Solutions our secure online payment provider.