Time to get a new Bible?  Always wanted a “study” Bible?  Need a good gift this coming year for a grandchild, godchild, confirmand, someone who doesn’t know Jesus? or a birthday or Christmas gift?  The CPH Annual Bible Sale is upon us! All sorts of Bibles….for all ages!  Pick up a brochure by Memorial Lounge regarding the sale, get more details on the Bibles at the following link: https://www.cph.org/c-3523-bible-sale.aspx?REName=On%20Sale&plk=1984 and shop away.  Why should I order through Hope?  No tax is charged and shipping is greatly reduced when we place one order through the church.  On the large poster on the Memorial Lounge window, fill in your name and phone number and check off the Bibles you would like to order. Then write a check for your order total plus 10% for shipping and drop it in the basket next to the poster.  We will need your order by July 26th, so we have time to place our combined order from CPH before their deadline.