June 1953:  LCMS Kansas District Board of Missions purchases a 20-acre tract of land at Highway 10 (now Shawnee Mission Parkway) and Quivira Road.  Trinity Lutheran Church of Mission, KS begins a mission congregation on the site.

May 1954:  Reverend Harold Jacobsmeyer is called as Hope’s 1st Pastor.

June 20, 1954:  First service is held in the white farm house; 76 attend.  Hope Preschool, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School also began in 1954.

October 28, 1954:  Hope Lutheran Church is chartered as a congregation of the Kansas District of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

November 12, 1955:  First Sanctuary (now Luther Room, Nursery, School Library, and Chapel of the present building) is dedicated.

Fall 1958:  Midweek Bible School begins.

1960:  Parsonage (now the “gray house”) is built.

1964:  Reverend A. H. Glinsmann called as Hope’s 2nd Pastor.

1974:  Reverend William Hansen called as Hope’s 3rd Pastor.

1977:  Reverend Luther Werth called as Hope’s 4th Pastor.

1977:  Hope begins participation in the Synod’s Vicarage program and continues in the program until 1983.

1980:  The present Sanctuary is dedicated.

Fall 1983:  Hope Lutheran School opens with 21 students, grades K – 3.  Mr. Milt Brueggemann is called as its 1st Principal and Miss Aleen Degler (now Edge) as the 1st teacher.

Fall 1983:  Reverend Jerry Bernecker is called as Hope’s 1st Associate Pastor, 5th Pastor overall.

1984:  4th grade added to Hope Lutheran School.

1985:  5th grade added to Hope Lutheran School.

1986:  6th grade added to Hope Lutheran School.

1987:  7th grade added to Hope Lutheran School.

1987:  Reverend Paul Hoppe called as Senior Pastor, 6th Pastor overall.

1988:  8th grade added to Hope Lutheran School.

June 4, 1989:  First graduation, of 7 students, at Hope Lutheran School.

August 28, 1989:  2nd Education Wing dedicated.

1996:  Reverend Chad Lueck called as Hope’s 2nd Associate Pastor, 7th Pastor overall.

1999:  Mr. George Nelson called as Director of Christian Education (DCE).

2000:  Reverend Michael Penikis called as Hope’s 3rd Associate Pastor, 8th Pastor overall.

May 12, 2001:  Family Life Center and 3rd Education Wing dedicated.

October 16, 2004:  Hope Lutheran Church celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary.  Reverend Thomas Harries called as Hope’s Senior Pastor, 9th Pastor overall.

2005:  Mr. Richard Hanebutt called as Hope’s 2nd Principal.

2006:  Miss Jennifer Mesiarik called as Hope’s Director of Christian Education (DCE).

2007-2008:  Hope Lutheran School Celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

2010:  Stained glass windows renovated and rededicated.

Summer 2011:  Hope’s Sanctuary undergoes renovation, partly in preparation for the new pipe organ.  The old pipe organ is removed by Roger Kooman, who served as a guest trumpeter in 2010.  The changes include new lighting, ceramic tile flooring in the chancel, new carpeting in the nave, new upholstery and padding for the pews, wood flooring in the balcony, and structural reinforcement of the balcony.

January 9, 2012:  The new pipe organ, designed and built by Martin Pasi, arrives.  Installation and voicing of the organ take place over the next several weeks.

March 25, 2012:  During Sunday services, the new pipe organ, Pasi Opus 21, is dedicated to the glory of God.

Fall 2013:  Stephen Ministry begins at Hope, with Jeannette Miller and Debra Schnefke begin installed as Stephen Leaders and the recruiting of the 1st class of Stephen Ministers.  The 1st class, consisting of 8 members, begins in January 2014, with their commissioning as Stephen Ministers scheduled for May 2014.

2014:  Miss LeeAnn Miller called as Hope’s Director of Christian Education (DCE).