Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes for 7th and 8th graders are on Wednesday evenings during the church year. The 1st Sunday in May is typcially when the Rite of Confirmation occurs for the 8th grade catechumens.

Adult Membership Classes

Hope offers regular membership classes for those interested in learning more about the Lutheran faith or those considering membership.  The basics of Christian doctrine are taught following the teaching of the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism, a Biblically based concise tool used to outline our beliefs.

This class covers the Chief Parts of the Christian Faith as found in the Bible and taught in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.  It is especially for those desiring to become members who come from a non-Lutheran/non-Missouri Synod church background.  It is also for those who desire more information on the teachings of the Lutheran Church.  Members who want a refresher on the Catechism are also welcome to attend. If you are interested in attending a membership class, please contact the church office.

Adult Membership Classes Registration